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Below are several useful downloads
for health professionals like you to use in your practice.


The Skinny on American Pistachios

The Skinny on American Pistachios

More Reasons to Eat American Pistachios

More Reasons to Eat American Pistachios

SATI Brochure

Effects of a Daily Pistachio Afternoon Snack


APIS: Pistachio Intake, Satiety and Body Weight Control






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Welcome to the American Pistachio Growers
premier toolkit for supermarket dietitians!


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We greatly value your importance as educators in the retail environment and hope you find this toolkit helpful!


We have put together a collection of everything you need to offer convenient, impactful resources for healthful living in your stores and communities. You may use this information in your written or online publications, culinary demos, and community education.



How To UseHow to Use the American Pistachio Growers Supermarket Toolkit

This toolkit guide will give you easy-to-follow instructions for utilizing these resources to provide exciting health messages for your community.

Go Plant BasedGo Plant-Based with Pistachios Fact Sheet

Share the health benefits of plant-based proteins with this research-based fact sheet, which works well for in-store education and community nutrition classes.

Top 5Top 5 Dietitian-Approved Tips for Using Pistachios

This short article with practical tips, written by Sharon Palmer, RDN, may be used as a handout, copy for your online or print communications, or in-store communication.

Pistachio Culinary Demonstration GuidePistachio Culinary Demonstration Guide

This guide offers you everything you need to know to host a successful culinary demonstration featuring pistachios.

Plant Based Pistachio RecipesHealthy, Delicious Pistachio Recipe Collection

A collection of some of our favorite, healthful recipes with images for use in cooking classes, online and print publications, and educational outreach.

Seasonal InspirationAmerican Pistachios Seasonal Inspiration Content Calendar

If you’re looking for fun, exciting angles to promote healthful living during seasonal moments in time, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide.

Social Media PostsSocial Media Posts

Connect with your followers and community with these pre-written, dietitian-developed social media posts, including links to healthful resources.