American Pistachio Crumb

By Chef Grant Crilly

American Pistachio Crumb

This is a great product that showcases the pistachio at its best in my mind, green, savory and awesome texture. This simple crumb can be made in minutes and stored in a jar for later use. Simply brush your favorite meats or seafoods with egg then sprinkle with the American Pistachio Crumb and bake on a tray at 250°F until tender and juicy on the inside, and crispy green on the outside.



1 cup


125g American pistachio kernels (about 1 C.)

15g fresh parsley (½ bunch)

2g thyme leaves (4 sprigs)

5g salt (2 tsp.)

1.5g black pepper(¾ tsp.)

35g panko (½ C.)


Blitz all together in processor until fine, about 1 minute of pulsing on and off. Spread even layer on tray and bake at 175°F for about 20 minutes or until dry. Let cool before use or storing.

Airtight jar in a pantry for up to 4 weeks.

To Use
Toss tenders(or your favorite protein) in egg white then coat with your yummy green crust, bake at 275°F for 30 minutes. Also can be used to add texture to rice, salads and other dishes.


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