Pistachio Bar for Foie Torchon

Pistachio Bar for Foie Torchon



1 quarter sheet pan


250 grams- Pistachio Paste

60 grams- White Chocolate

140 grams- Feuilletine

50 grams- Dried Cranberries

50 grams- Toasted Pistachio


Melt the pistachio paste with the white chocolate using a bain marie (double boiler). Add the remaining ingredients in a robot coupe and process until combined but not too fine. Add to the melted pistachio mixture and combine. Line a quarter sheet pan with an acetate sheet or plastic wrap. Put the pistachio mix in the quarter sheet pan and press with another sheet of acetate. Evenly spread the mix using an offset spatula. Let cool in the refrigerator. Portion into desired size when completely cooled.

Use as base for foie gras torchon.

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